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Pyrex 5 Piece Storage Set

Looking for a surrogate to store your food without leaving a mess? Don't look anywhere than the glass container Storage Set with interlocking lids, this Set includes 5 fresh-looking glass containers and 5 lids that make it facile to keep all your food in one place. So make your food Storage area look splendid from all angles and get your Pyrex Storage Set now.

Cheap Pyrex 5 Piece Storage Set

This Pyrex 5 piece Storage Set is a peerless substitute to store all your food, it comes with an 14 cup bowl, a blue round plastic lid cover, and five handles. The bowl extends a built-in scraper and is large enough to tailor all of your food, the Set also includes five plastic and a cash wallet. This Pyrex 10 piece Storage Set includes 5 containers, 5 lids, and is top for holding small items, the Set can help store small items such as tools, food, and even toys. The 5 containers are first-class for holding small items, and the 5 lids keep everything safe and secure, this Pyrex 5 piece Storage Set is an enticing substitute to keep your refrigerator in good condition! It includes seven pieces that are missing the lid, but are in different colors! The Set is again outstanding for primary colors - you can make it with seven different colors and some primary colors that are not too. This 4, 5 qt round dish bowl is top-quality for your kitchen with its unique design and Pyrex glass structure. The bowl is conjointly made of metal and comes with a box to keep everything together, this Set offers a lot of space for your kitchen supplies and straightforward storage.