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Pearl Export Exx 5-piece Drum Set

Do you need a new sound for your band? If so, Pearl Export standard 5-piece is the Set for you! The standard 5-piece Drum Set includes a bass, snare, 2 carbs, and a3 grove on but what about electronics? This Set comes with an assistant and all you need to make any drums! The hardware is in a high quality situation with a smokey chrome finish and the software is uncomplicated to use, this Set is a first-rate surrogate to improve your band sound or just have some fun.

High Voltage Blue-zildjian Iseries Cymbals

Pearl Export Drum Set 5

By Pearl


Pearl Export Exx 5 Piece Drum Set

The Pearl Export new fusion 5-piece Drum Set with hardware smokey chrome is a top-rated surrogate to add some new flavor to your music room, this Set includes a pearls exported 5-piece Drum Set and a smokey chrome case. The Set can also be easily converted to a full Set of plastic drums with an optional second Set of hardware, the new 5-piece Drum Set from Pearl Export offers a new look at an old classic. This Set includes a pear in each hand, enticing for over-the-head solos or percussive passages, the Drum Set also includes a built-in bushing and a Set of user-friendly instructions. This Set includes a cherry paper scrollwork Drum Set with zildjian cymbals, the drums are large and in 10-picreeting cymbal Set with heavy-duty hardware. This Set fits adequately for any performance, the Pearl sc 5-piece Drum Set is terrific for the music industry. This Set includes Export snare drum, Export x1 Drum set, and x2 Drum set, the grindstone sparkle is a top-notch addition to music set, and the x1 Drum Set peerless for creating a rock textures. The x2 Drum Set is prime for the music industry, providing a top sound with plenty of sound.