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Levtex Baby Willow 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set

This Levtex Baby Willow Crib Set comes in a variety of colors to suit every family's needs, it's an exceptional substitute for parents who need a place to sleep during the day, or as a new mom's first bed. The Set also includes sunbeam filter for a cozy, soft sleep.

Levtex Baby Willow 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set Pink

This Levtex Baby Willow gold dot pink 5 piece toddler Bedding bedding is first-class for kids aged 5-12 years old, it offers a luxurious feel to it with its veneer of cloth and metal. The Set includes a crib, a nightstand, a chair, and a Baby bed, this Levtex Baby Willow Crib Set is practical for your little one's nursery! The soft fabric and soft make this Set top grade for providing a warm atmosphere for your child to sleep in. The Set includes a sawteeth Crib sheet, a teething cobwebby Crib sheet, and a high-quality teether box, Levtex is a terrific company for parents who itch to fulfill their child's development goals! This Levtex Baby Willow Crib Set is splendid for your baby's premature startle reflexes and loves to fall asleep. This Levtex Baby Willow Crib Bedding Set is top for the new parent or family who is searching for a simple, stylish and comfortable home theater space for their child, a sleep cover, a Set of Bedding and a toolkit. The Bedding is fabricated from soft Willow with a sleek, modern look, the Bedding as well lightweight and basic to move around so that the child can sleep in their best center. The Crib Set comes with a space for a bed and a listed price of $129.