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Levtex Baby Fiona 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set

This Levtex Baby Set is enticing for your little one's nursery! With different colors to suit every need, this Set comes with a crib, a Baby cot, and a storage box for everything else.

Levtex Baby Fiona 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set Amazon

This Levtex Baby Fiona Crib Bedding Set is sterling for the new mom or dad out there! The Set includes a few different types of cribs and this Levtex Baby Bedding Set is no, 5 in the world! The Bedding is a fantastic value too, so you can go out and buy some Bedding that will make your life easier. This Levtex Baby Fiona 5 piece Crib Bedding Set is a top-rated alternative to keep your little one warm and comfortable, the blue and pink Baby nursery Set comes with a pink Crib and Fiona bed, so you can feel sure your Baby will be comfortable and happy. The Crib is manufactured of durable materials and the white material, so your Baby will have a top-grade place to rest and sleep, the Set also includes a sunbeam Crib sheet and a sitting sheet. This Levtex Baby Fiona Crib Set features a cute, colorful design with five different bedroom colors and one children's bedroom color, the Set includes a Bedding Set and a crib, so you can build your own Set on the that interested in doing so. The comforter Set is fabricated of soft, soft, light-weight fabric and provides a comfortable fit, it is further straightforward to clean, so you can be sure that you're getting a quality set. This Levtex Baby Fiona Crib bed Set is unrivalled for parents who desire to create a space for their Baby in their home, the Set includes a green and pink Crib Set up with a Fiona listed on the front, and is manufactured of tough, durable it's a valuable Set for individuals who covet to make their baby's life easier, and can add a touch of luxury to the home environment.