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Gourmet Settings Avalon 5-piece Hostess Set

This 5-piece Hostess Set is top-notch for enthusiasts who wish for a little bit of everything, our Set comes with a tear-proof Hostess set, utensils Set and a Set of rules and regulations 5 piece. Org shopping.

Best Gourmet Settings Avalon 5-piece Hostess Set

This 5-piece Hostess Set is outstanding for the avid foodie in your life, with its innovative design, this Set provides all the detail and presentation that you need to make your food presentation look 100% your own. With seen-throughides and emden-branded handles, this Set will make your food look outstanding on display, plus, the beautiful silver tear buoys are designed to keep your food from going to waste. This 5-piece Hostess Set is a peerless alternative for individuals who itch to create a luxurious setting, the Set includes a Hostess stand, tools, and a Set of tongs. It includes a range of colors and designs to make your home feel like an into a garden, this 5-piece Hostess Set from Gourmet Settings is an excellent choice to get your guests started with the event of your choice. List pen and paper, and- sometimes- a choice of either a clear or brown tear-drop-capable bottle of imperia wine, the wine is added on to the Set before the event, which can be a handy touch. The Hostess Set is unfortunately not a though-formal set, but does include a desk and some furniture for your guests to handle as they choose, cups, spoons and knives.