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Gammon 5 Piece Drum Set

This 5-piece Drum Set from Gammon is exquisite for developing your Drum skills! The Set includes twoums-qualityorkingend and a few plastic drums that can be easily customized to your needs, the Set also includes a scale, a stopped drum, a two Drum compressor, and a two Drum mic prophet. This Set is dandy for learning and practicing your drums in the kitchen or home room.

Gammon 5-piece Junior Starter Drum Set

This 5-piece percussion Set from Gammon offers a new take on an old style Drum set, this Set includes a medium-sized Drum set, large-sized cymbal set, and a small-sized Drum set. The Set also includes a vibraphone and steel-drum set, the Set is exquisite for a small band or start band and is splendid for use in music, dance, and other genres. This 5-piece Drum Set is practical for practicing your percussion skills! The Set includes a Drum set, two cymbals, a hi-hat, and this Set can also be arranged to play percussion chords and chords in a song! The Gammon 5 piece percussion Set includes five loud and clear drums, a gong, and two upright bass drums, this Set up provides a fresh and exciting sound when used in as part of a band or performance. A case, and amedium-sized book on the basics of drumming, this Set is first-rate for young players digging to get started in drumming.